Improve your store with these e-commerce plugins found in the Shopify Plugin Marketplace.

#1 Sell digital products in your store

  • Digital files are linked to a variant on a specific product in your store
  • Send your customers a direct download link after the checkout process
  • Config download limits

#2 All-in-one sales tool: Automizely

Everything you need to personalize user journey in your Shopify Store.

Popup & Bar + Social Proof + Trust badges + Web push Notifications + Sales Stickers + Countdown Timer + Free Shipping Bar + Blinking Browser Tab

#3 PageView ‑ Session Recording

Understand your visitors, visually.

This app recording exactly how users are interacting with your e-commerce site. Really good app to improve user experience.

#4 Instagram Store

Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

  • Checkout process on Instagram
  • Highlight your posts & offers
  • Tag your posts & stories

#5 Ultimate Trust Badges

  • Use Trust badges to increase trust rate, let your visitors to shop with confidence
  • More than +100 free badges
  • Easy setup

#6 Build a mobile app for your store

1 click install & No coding for Native app. Convert your store into installable mobile app (IOS & Android)

PWA IOS and Android Mobile App is %100 Free.

#7 Boost Your Page Speed

  • Improve your site load stats
  • Better for SEO
  • Enhance the user experience

#8 Get Product Reviews: Smile

Let your visitors leave fun and useful reviews on products through the universal language of emojis.

Want to create more engagement on your store?