Analyzing Story Widget usage in Google Analytics

In order to analyze your Story Widget data in Google Analytics, first you need to enable “Push events to Google Analytics” feature to provide data.

If you are not configured this setting, please refer articles below depending on your data source in your website:

1. Tracking Story Widget events with Google Analytics

2. Tracking Story Widget events with Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to track and analyze your website visitor. In this article, we wanted to show how you can simply create segments by using pushed events from Story Widget.

You can use your analyzing skills and imagination to create detailed reports.

Check all the events that Story Widget pushes your Google Analytics account via our Google Analytics Events article .

Here is a recipe for simple comparison of “All Users” versus “Story Viewers” explained:

Comparing “All Users” vs “Story Viewers

How to create segment for Story Viewers?

a. Select “Behaviour” > “Overview” from left-side menu.

b. Click “+ Add Segment

Google Analytics – Add Segment Step

c. Click red “+ New Segment” button

Google Analytics – New Segment

d. Select “Conditions” from left-side

e. In filter, for left side type “event” and select “Event Action

f. In filter, for right side type “sw- ” and all events starting with “sw-” prefix will be listed. Select “sw-story-showed” for this sample. *(Story Widget sends all events with sw- prefix )

Select one of Event Action related to Story Widget

g. Give your segment a name and click “Save” button

Saving Story Widget Viewers Segment

h. Now you can compare your “All User” with “Story Viewers” segment.

Comparison of “All Users” vs “Story Viewers”

Well done congratulations 🎉

Now you can see how your story viewers acts.