What Is Story Widget?

Do you know that most ecommerce stores have a conversion rate of 1 to 2%? That’s one or two sales for every hundred visitors to the website. In other words, for the website owner to make their business profitable, they’d need thousands of unique visitors to get sales. 

Provided your ecommerce business isn’t a side hustle, this conversion rate isn’t any good. It won’t pay your bills, won’t give you the financial freedom you dreamed of upon starting the online store, and certainly won’t allow you to expand your business. 

Put simply, if you want your ecommerce business to become sustainable, you need that conversion rate to go up. Only then could you hope to make your venture profitable and worth all the time and effort that you’re putting into in day in, day out.

That’s where the Story Widget comes into play. By allowing you to make every page of your website more immersive than before, it will hook visitors to your site. Also, by including a clear value proposition, it would tell your visitors that your product (s) are different from those of your competitors.   

What Is Story Widget?

Are you on Instagram? Then you won’t have any problem understanding the working of Story Widget. It lets you create stories on your homepage, content pages, and product pages. Stories that you can use to tell your customers who you really are, what the product is all about, and much more.  Here is a live demo;

Provided you’ve one creative bone in your body, you can use this tool to make your website more immersive. It lets you differentiate your store from those of your competitors by showcasing something extra in addition to the features of the product and its image.

What is that ‘something extra’? The humanization of your website. Our tool lets you add gifs, videos, and high-quality images on top of everything else on your page. All these bells-and-whistles will increase the time users spend on your website and, hopefully, help increase sales.