Tracking Story Widget events with Google Analytics

Story Widget keeps tracks of widget’s usage events and they can be seen in Statistics page. Also you can monitor those events in your Google Analytics dashboard and use all reporting features of Google Analytics brings. In this article, we will tell you how to enable this feature step by step.

See: All the events that Story Widget pushes to Google Analytics

1. Enable “Push events to Google Analytics” feature

a. Open widget in editor (which you want to track on Google Analytics)

b. Select “Google Analytics” tab from top menu

c. Check the “Push events to Google Analytics” checkbox

d. Select the correct version of Google Analytics javascript version (which is embedded in your website, you can check via view-source in your page)

e. Save your changes.

If you are using Google Tag Manager, not the Google Analytics javascript as primary source, please follow our Tracking Story Widget events with Google Tag Manager article for setup phase.

2. Check your Google Analytics Dashboard

If your website contains Google Analytics javascript and you have enabled “Push events to Google Analytics” feature by selecting correct javascript version, congratulations 🎉

Events will be monitored on Google Analytics dashboard, under de “Behaviour” > “Events” menu, displayed with “StoryWidget-ID:{your_widget_id}” category.

Story Widget Events in Google Analytics

Sample Usage

You can check our Analyzing Story Widget usage in Google Analytics article to learn about how you can use Story Widget pushed events and create segments with them.


How to check if Story Widget pushing data to Google Analytics?

a. Open your one of page that uses Story Widget in Google Chrome

b. Open Developer Tools via Click Customize and control Google Chrome and then select More Tools > Developer Tools

c. Click on “Network” tab, clear all logs, write “collect” in filter input

d. Click on Story Widget and let them play, click left & right and watch some stories. On the right side you should see network requests of sending data to Google Analytics.

If you cannot see those network request:

  1. Check your Google Analytics javascript version on your website, and be sure you have selected correct version on Story Widget editor.
  2. If everything seems correct but still not seeing Event push requests in network tab, use “Support” button (placed in every page of Story Widget dashboard’s top menu) to reach out us. We will investigate the situation as soon as possible.

If network request are ok but you can not see data under your Google Analytics dashboard’s “Behaviour” > “Events” menu

Give some time to Google Analytics, on first setup sometimes it takes time to show events, especially if your site is getting low traffic. Open your website and play with Story Widget to create some data, then come to Google Analytics Events page, change Date filter. Your data will be shown soon.