How to create widget & add stories?

Get Story Widget up and running on your site in a few minutes.

  • Login / Register
  • Click to “Create a New Widget”
  • Add stories
  • Save your changes
  • Copy the integration code
  • Paste the integration code into your website.
How to integrate?

Custom Sites: Paste the integration code into your website between “<body>…</body>” tags, where you want the Story Widget show up in your content.

WordPress / WooCommerce: Read the Documentation

Shopify: Read the Documentation

Customization features
  • Change color of widget background
  • Change color of text
  • Change color of story circle
  • Set alignment of images
  • Set alignment of Description text
  • Change Call to Action text
  • Change color of Description text
  • Add background color for Description text
  • Change gradient colors
  • Add custom thumbnail into stories