New Features, August 2020

We listened our lovely users’ feedbacks and selected most wanted features from the list. Here is the highlights of new features/changes that we shipped with the latest deployment.

Group Stories

So far Story Widget had regular stories, each thumbnail representing one story. Now, you can create group stories, each thumbnail representing a set of stories.

If you are editing previously created widget, or just created but wanted to change widget type, here how it works:

Changing widget type Regular to Group: All stories combined into a newly created group (you can move stories into another groups by clicking move icon (left-bottom icon))

Changing widget type Group to Regular: All stories exported as single stories, respected to their previous group order.

Grouped stories

Video Stories

In addition image files (png, jpeg, gif) , now you can use mp4 video files in your stories. (max. file size for video is 15mb)

Now you can add mp4 video files to stories

Google Tag Manager

Story Widget now pushes related Google Analytics Events to Google Tag Manager as well. Open your editor and select Google Analytics tab. Enable the feature and select “Google Tag Manager” in the options.

In order to capture data/events and reflect to your Google Analytics account, you need to make some configurations on Google Tag Manager. Please check our detailed guide Tracking Story Widget events with Google Tag Manager about integration.

google tag manager integration

Expand Title (Two Line Title)

Sometimes you need to write title that could not fit in one line. Now there is an option near Story or Group title input, which expands your title into two line.

expand title to two lines

Different “Call To Action Text” and “CTA Templates” for Mobile/Desktop

Story Widget both work on mobile and desktop websites. But previously we had only one call to action icon (arrow + animation) and text. Now you can separately define your call to action text for mobile and desktop, also you can choose static button template or arrow icon with animation.

For example: “Swipe up” text and “arrow” icon for mobile, “Click me” text and “button” for desktop.

Different call to action text and button template for mobile/desktop

Different widget size option for Mobile/Desktop

Some of our users requested larger thumbnails for especially desktop usage. Now you can choose regular size or large size separately for desktop and mobile.

Different placement options for Mobile/Desktop + Custom Place

We used to have 3 placement options, that affects both mobile and desktop.

Fixed-top: Always on top /sticky (content flows behind)

Inline: Appears/fills widget where you pasted our embed-code to.

Fixed Bottom: Always at the bottom of browser /sticky (content flows behind)

From now on, you can choose those options separately for desktop and mobile.

In addition to previous placement options, we added custom option. You can add our embed-code wherever you want, and set div id from editor. If embed code could not find given id, widget renders in “Inline” mode, which will appear where you pasted code.

Also for custom placement, you can define it in embed code as shown below. Embed codes placement option overrides the setting from editor. Also again, if given id couldn’t be found, we try to render widget “Inline” mode.

<script id="sw-script" async src="" data-swid="your-widget-id" data-sw-place-mobile="your-mobile-div-id" data-sw-place-desktop="your-desktop-div-id"></script>
Different widget placement options for mobile & desktop

Story showing option for direct open & left/right swipe

When using Group Stories, you will probably have more stories than before in total. We wanted to give you a choice to determine which story to show on direct open (thumbnail touch/click) or while skipping the group via left/right swipe. You can choose to show first story (created order), or user starts from first unseen story.

Story showing option for direct open & left/right swipe

Animation while story changes

We added rotating cube effect while changing story or group (depending on widget type) as an option.

Transition animation option, cube animation while changing story view

Bonus: Direct link to story

If you want a story show up as soon as page & widget loaded, you can use the url format below:

You can find your story-id in Statistics page of widget. We will add a copy link in editor soon.

For example when you click, our first story will shown automatically.


In order to provide cleaner editor page, we placed Widget Type option and Story, Widget, Targeting and Google Analytics tabs on top menu. Left panel holds mobile/desktop previews for Story and Widget views. Right panel is responsible for showing related tab’s content. Also in right panel, we grouped inputs by tabs. Hope you will find what you search for easily.

We tested changes, but most probably, there could be still bugs out there. If you come up any bugs or errors, please reach out us via “Support” button on your account page.

We developed those features by the help of your feedbacks, we owe you thanks.