Updates, December 2020

Story Widget Placement Selection

We are working hard in order to provide new features and improving performance. Here are the some main topics we worked lately since our latest update on August.

Select widget location via live preview

Previously you had two options for widget placement. Either you paste embed code exact place on website, or you provide unique div id, if you have one. This is pretty forward way to place widget if you have full control on source code and know a little bit about html & editing. Since we had many tickets on support on this issue, we ended up developing live preview screen and give option to users select the widget location via mouse click.

From now on you can paste our embed code anywhere on the website, then you can easily select the place where you want widget to appear. Also, in addition to div-id, you can enter style-class name with dot prefix (ex: “.my-story-class”)


We also created a public page so you can preview sample widgets (or your widgets) on any website.

Widget Type: Menu Story

We added a new widget type “Menu Story”. With this type of widget, you show only thumbnails as widget, and if user clicks thumbnail, s/he redirected to target URL directly, without showing any story. It is very practical for routing user to desired/hot content with visual aid.

Uploaded Media Gallery

We are currently saving your uploaded medias with your user info, so when you want to use previously uploaded media on new stories, you can find & select them via “Uploaded” tab on pop-up.

Targeting Option: Mobile OS

Some of our users requested this mobile OS targeting option for their specific widget, so here it is.

Performance improvements & bug fixes

We had many development on performance topic, including storing analytics faster, pre-fetch next & previous story content, some UX related developments, bug fixes related to description rich editor, adding video’s loop if video duration is less then story duration, handling exceptions if embed code added a page mistakenly multiple times.

Hope to see you soon in new year with new features